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The laser technology used by Topcare allows us to engrave and/or cut a wide variety of materials and objects.

Our team is available to help you realize your ideas by putting at your disposal our knowledge and a wide variety of materials available in stock (plexiglas / acrylics of different textures and colors / MDF / plywood / cardboard / leather / …)

Topcare Services Technical


Topcare technical offers a maintenance and repair service for cine lens and cameras.

Camera and optics technician since 1992, Olivier Tordeurs has a solid experience, working as a chief technician in camera rental until 2020.

With factory certified training at AATON, ARRI, ANGÉNIEUX, COOKE, FUJINON, LEITZ, and ZEISS, Olivier combines expertise in both the digital and analog worlds, covering most professional brands in the film industry.

Second hand sales

The numerous contacts we have with equipment manufacturers, rental companies and private owners give us an ideal position to establish the link between sellers and buyers.

Cameras, optics, lighting,… ; discover the equipment currently available on our site.

Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your needs or to send us the lists of equipment that you want to resell.

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