MEGA Sharpness Box

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Check out the very first all-in-one test chart: unrivaled printing to wedge 8K and above cameras, all of the accessories to facilitate your tests in the field, a travel-sized box… and an unbeatable price! A must-have for camera assistants, videographers, and photographers.

What for?

  • You’re an independent user: check the calibration and the resolution of your lens and your camera wherever you are. The Mega Box’s dimensions allow it to travel in carry-on luggage.
  • You’re a camera rental company: offer your customers the chance to check the calibration and the resolution of your equipment in the field. The Mega Box can of course be customized with your logo.
  • You’re an audiovisual or photo store: the Mega Box will appeal to a large number of your customers!
  • You’re a manufacturer of optics, cameras or audiovisual equipment: the Mega Box is an ideal personalized marketing tool that will be greatly appreciated by your customers.

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30 years of experience

30 years of experience in camera rental

High Protection of your devices

High protection of your devices

Designed to improve your productivity

Designed to improve your productivity

Dedicated service

Dedicated service

Secure payment

Secure payment


The magnetic MEGA calibration chart from P.A.T. Accessories has been specially designed to calibrate increasingly sensitive cameras and lenses, from 8K and beyond.

Designed and developed for both studio and field users, it has all the features you need to calibrate your cameras and optics in the smallest possible space.

Everything you need to check the alignment of your camera and optics is in a single box.

Package content:

  • Magnetic Siemens chart of dimensions 27x38 cm/ 1’3’’x11’’
  • Aluminum frame
  • Universal spigot
  • Erasable Staedler marker
  • Carry bag
  • Instruction manual

Technical specifications:

  • Optimum print definition: 5 line pairs / mm printed, enabling 250 line pairs to be printed on the sensor.
  • Circular targets
  • Linear targets
  • Siemens targets
  • Neutral gray
  • Writable technical annotation area
  • Integral magnet holder

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 36 × 15 cm


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